This song started out as a few thoughts on how things left unsaid are lost forever, and these were prompted by the prolonged period of sorrow I experienced following the death of my Dad in 2008. The lyrics then acquired a momentum of their own, to include themes of lost opportunities, regrets and fears, the futility of war, as well as questions about the false goals we pursue all the while ignoring the cries for help coming from others.  Nevertheless, there’s a suggestion of redemption at the end.

Technical notes:

Recorded and mixed in Sonar Producer 8.5.  Drums sounds from ‘EZdrummer’ Vintage Rock kit, some acoustic guitar loops borrowed from Band In a Box’s Real Tracks, electric guitar is me playing my Epiphone Flying V through Amplitube 3 guitar processor software.  All other sounds from a Roland Fantom X6 synth.