The lyrics for this song are from the site ‘Free Song Words’, although I changed and added some to suit the project.  (NB: I emailed the site twice as it asks to be informed if you use any of the lyrics but have had no reply. I assume no one’s looking after the site any more.)

It’s not a religious song as such although the lyric writer has obviously included some religious imagery; I see it more as a message to redeem yourself rather than relying on waiting for a redeemer to come do it for you, hence the ‘reflection’ metaphor.  Read into it what you will!

Technical notes:

I used the backing tracks of a song from one of Drums On Demand’s ‘My Co-Writer’ collections and composed the verse and chorus melodies to that.  I also used PG Music’s Band In A Box to give me some additional bits and pieces for piano, bass, organ, and rhythm guitar parts which I imported as audio tracks into Sonar where I edited them where necessary. I did the vocal using my usual trusty RØDE NT2 mic and sweetened things with EQ and reverb in Sonar’s ProChannel tools.  I did the lead guitar solo using IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube3.

I used Cakewalk’s Sonar Producer X3c (now Cakewalk by BandLab) to record, arrange and mix the project.  The final mix was mastered in Sonar using IK Multimedia’s T-RrackS mastering suite with limiting provided by FabFilter’s Pro-L limiter.

I made the video using Serif’s MoviePlus X6 and free HD images found on the internet.