I decided, as an exercise, to put some music together using almost exclusively loops and samples and this was the result.  It’s an ‘abstract’ instrumental that refers to the enigmatic rosebud symbol in the film Citizen Kane, in which Kane, a newspaper magnate (a thinly-veiled portrait of real-life magnate Randolph Hearst), gained all the money, power and prestige that it was possible for anyone to possess and yet died longing for the feelings and memories he had as a boy.  The piece asks the question - what was/is your Rosebud? Lost youth perhaps?  Lost ambitions, dreams?    

Technical notes:

All the loops and sounds came from those supplied with Presonus’ Studio One Pro 2 and also from Nine Volts’ Textured Guitars collection.  I used Band In A Box a little for bass and some keyboard lines.  The voice samples were gleaned from the Internet.  I used Studio One to put it together and TRacks3 to master the final mix.